Best Solar Panel Guides

There are quite a lot of guides out there on how to build and install solar panels. The following product is the best guide I have ever tested. I strongly recommend that you check it out:

Earth4Energy Reviewed
Best Overall Solar Panel Guide - Earth4Energy
So why is Earth4Energy the best guide? First of all the panels that I made using this guide looked the most professional - and they were the cheapest to build. Secondly, the time that I had to put into my work was the shortest in comparison to testing other guides. And lastly, the instructions used very simple language, and there were plenty of clear diagrams and illustrations.
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These other guides are also very good and worth checking out. I've tested more than 30 solar panel guides and these are the best of the best:

HomeMadeEnergy Reviewed
HomeMadeEnergy Guide
HomeMadeEnergy is written for an average person. It has really great instructions and diagrams. The guide teaches you how to build a solar powered system for roughly $200.
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Energy2Green Reviewed
Energy2Green Guide
Instructions are easy to read and to follow, which made my project enjoyable. Considering the simplicity of its design, the system is pleasingly efficient. My investment paid for itself in around 2 months.
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GreenDIYenergy Reviewed
GreenDIYenergy Guide
GreenDIYenergy is a sound guide that would suit most people who want to build their first solar powered system. Pictures, schematics, and diagrams show how the entire system is done. Videos show how solar panels are created.
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Green Power Easy Reviewed
Green Power Easy Guide
The bottom line: after building a solar panel with the instructions from this guide I can say that it's easy to follow, and can be used even by those who are new to renewable energy.
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