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DIY Hot Water is a guide that I have decided to test after reading it. What I wanted to see was how easy it would be to build a hot water system described here for an average and non-technically-inclined person.

The system turned out to be easy and cheap to build. Both, the design and the instructions for building the solar heater described in this guide were simple. I had most parts needed for the system at home, and did not have to purchase much (I did have to purchase some of the components that I lacked for this project at my local hardware store).

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The creator states that the system would cost around one hundred dollars to build, but since I had many of the needed components available, my total cost for the entire system was merely fifty bucks. I would like to note that a commercial unit of this size would cost over one thousand dollars. It took me two full day to complete this project (the developers believe that it would take a few days). I actually enjoyed myself throughout that weekend.

The heater that I designed looked quite professional, which is a plus, as some homemade hot water heaters that I've seen looked plain ugly.

I did not find any design mistakes that I commonly find in other guides that I read, as well as it was nice to see that the manual implements some of the most modern trends in solar water heaters. In order to ensure that your project goes off as planned, you need the right guide, and I believe that this guide would be the right one for most people.

DIY Hot Water is a 70-page PDF guide that covers the following parts of building and designing solar hot water heaters: basic information on hot water systems, solar collectors in detail, the most efficient designs for solar collectors, securely mounting of the collector panel on the roof of your home, and plumbing everything up.

Once you are done, after 1-2 hours in the sun, the water will become hot after passing through the solar heating panel, and you can start using this hot water for all of your needs.

The manual is detail-oriented, which makes it a good one for the solar newbie. If you are a determined person, DIY Hot Water guide can help you build an affordable solar heater to lower your power bills. I liked the simplicity of the instructions given in this manual, as well as the efficiency and the professional look of the system that I ended up building using it.

There is a reason to why thousands of people are using solar water heating systems (in fact, people have been using the sun to heat their water for centuries). Using the sun instead of a utility electric to heat up your water can save you up to one third on your electric bill. It does not matter if you live in a warm or cold climate, because solar water heaters can be used in both climates.

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