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Energy2Green ReviewedReviewer: Mark Johnson
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Energy2Green has proven to be another sound guide for building solar powered generators. This guide was created by Tomas Haynes - solar and wind energy enthusiast.

At the time of my test, I was able to build the solar powered system that is described in this guide for under $200, using only the basic tools and with no specialized equipment.

Instructions were easy to read and to follow, making my project enjoyable. Considering the simplicity of its design, the system is pleasingly efficient. My investment paid for itself in around 2 months (it saves around $220 per month).

Click Here To Visit Energy2Green's Guide To Building Solar Powered Systems

The designs were also tested on high school students, who were able to create their own solar panels and wind mills without any aid from their teachers (all eight pairs of students were able to duplicate the designs and create workable PV panels and windmills at $200 on average, using simple hand tools).

I believe that any determined individual could easily build their first renewable energy system (whether sun or wind powered) using the Energy2Green manual, hand tools, and easily obtainable materials and parts.

The manual has around 400 pages of instructions, illustrations, and schematics showing how to build 200-watt generating solar panels and 1000-watt generating windmills (for around $200 each).

The guide teaches you where to find all of the materials needed for a PV panel or wind mill, installation instructions for hooking the system up to a home, maintenance schedule and instructions for both systems, legal information regarding both systems, pre-construction checklist to ensure that both projects go off as planned, information on how both systems operate, useful energy saving tips, and various miscellaneous tips regarding solar and wind powered systems. The guide also includes the measurements that you will need to account for in order to achieve maximal performance of your systems.

Energy2Green comes with a 60 minute video which shows a person building a solar panel from the beginning to the end (making your own panels from scratch can save you a lot of money, and that's exactly why I always make my solar panels from scratch).

After watching the video, you can buy individual solar cells and assemble them into a panel, making your solar panels much more affordable in comparison to the cost of pre-manufactured panels. Next, you will have to buy the rest of the materials and supplies that you need for generating electricity, and complete your system.

A section of the manual called “Planning and Installing Bio-energy Systems” is a guide for transforming a home into an eco-friendly power station. This section could guide an interested person through the process of making your home completely energy sufficient (note that this would require building a few solar or wind powered generators).

Another section called “Renewable Energy Technology” elaborates on the power of renewable energy, to help a novice enthusiast better understand the perspectives of using renewable energy.

The guide comes as a PDF book and video material. The persons who purchase the guide also get access to all future updates on Energy2Green (they update their e-book after the feedbacks that they receive from users like us).

Click Here To Visit Energy2Green's Guide To Building Solar Powered Systems

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