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GreenDIYenergy ReviewedReviewer: Mark Johnson
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What have I learned about the GreenDIYenergy guide, after trying to build my solar panel with its use? Read on to find out.

I tried to "forget" my years of experience in solar, to evaluate this product through the eyes of a solar newbie. It turned out to be a fun project. Pictures, schematics, and diagrams show how the entire system is done. Videos show how solar panels are created.

The guide comes with some excellent video materials, which is what I used the most. I did look through the diagrams and schemes, which turned out to be simple, well organized, and feasible.

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The guide includes several ideas and designs, from which I chose the one I liked the most. I had to spend around one hundred bucks to build a 120-watt panel, collecting some of the materials on my own and purchasing other materials from the sources recommended in the guide. Collecting some materials instead of buying them helped me to save roughly half on the total cost.

All I used were my tools, the recommended materials that I have purchased or collected, and the GreenDIYenergy guide.

Here's what GreenDIYenergy includes:

1. First of all, it has a section that covers how solar energy works, teaches how to create a solar powered system, shows a basic solar layout and plans for creating solar energy, elaborates on where to find cheap solar panels and other solar materials, how to power your home with generated solar (controller, inverter, batteries, disconnects, etc.), and how to maintain the system.

2. Next, there is a guide with plans and pictures that teaches how to build solar panels from scratch (building the box, connecting the cells, etc.). The total cost of the system described here is around one hundred dollars.

3. Thirdly, there is a bundle of helpful resources about solar, as well as electrical wiring plans to hook up several panels and batteries, information about installing and mounting your solar panel (including obtaining city permits for installation and connecting to your electrical panel), calculating how much you can save using solar, and information about rebates and tax credits on renewable energy that you would qualify for in the USA and Canada.

4. Next, there is a 1 hour video guide showing the process of building a PV panel (this is what I used the most when building my test system).

5. And finally, there is a guide (pictures and diagrams) that teaches how to build wind turbines. Information about how wind energy works, different parts of a wind generator, and how to run your home with the captured wind energy (controller, inverter, batteries, disconnects, etc.). Building a wind turbine using this example would cost a little over one hundred dollars.

They also offer technical support to help the people who have questions (I personally did not use this feature), and a forum where
I asked a couple of questions and got answers reasonably fast.

I have downloaded the GreenDIYenergy guide from their website, and they also shipped a CD to my home.

All in all, I see GreenDIYenergy as a sound guide that would suit most people who want to build their first solar powered system.

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