Are RV Solar Panel Kits Available?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: I have heard of solar powered homes and cars. We have a camper we like to take out each summer. Are RV solar panel kits available?

RV solar panel kits are readily available. As are boat kits, camping kits, portable device chargers and the list is continually growing.

RVs are seemingly perfect for solar technology since they are usually out in sunny areas during the day, and they have enough on-board electronic equipment, like appliances, to warrant a power source other than a car battery.

RV solar panel kits can connect directly to your RV’s existing battery or use another battery exclusively for a solar panel connection. RV solar panel kits can charge the battery during the day so it can be used at night.

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RV solar panel kits typically come with solar panels, a charge controller, all the necessary wiring and mounting hardware. The kits can be easily installed, as can most household solar energy systems, which are also available as DIY projects.

An RV traveling on a highway in a clear area will typically receive 5 hours of peak sunlight per day. This is enough energy to easily power an
RV with 4 – 6 solar panels on the roof. Solar panels do lose some of the sun’s energy due to inefficiencies in solar cell technology, but science seems to be making more improvements year after year.

Boat solar panel kits are also becoming increasingly popular, as the open water is exposed to massive amounts of sunlight since there is no blockage from trees, buildings, power lines or debris. Both RVs and boats are setting the pace for recreational use of the sun’s free energy and will hopefully convince more households to make the conversion as well.

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