Does The Production Of Solar Panels Pollute?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: Capturing or using solar energy doesn’t pollute the atmosphere the same way burning fossil fuels does, but I’m not sure about the manufacturing process. Does the production of solar panels pollute?

The production of solar panels can potentially be a source of pollution. The disposal of solar panels is another area of concern.

Fortunately, if they top anti-reflective glass coating is cleaned properly and kept free from obstructions, PV solar panels have a lifespan of years and years, and so disposal is not an eminent issue unless a solar panel is badly damaged prematurely.

The production of silicon-based solar panels can produce unwanted chemical waste. These chemicals should be disposed of properly by the solar panel manufacturers, and if this is done properly the risk is minimized.

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Ironically, fossil fuels are burned during the manufacturing process of solar panels, and two of the chemical byproducts are chromium and mercury, both of which are difficult metals to dispose of properly. Improper disposal of toxic manufacturing waste can leak poisons into groundwater or the air.

On the upside, the solar revolution has only just begun, and this means there is plenty of time and opportunity to improve recycling programs, invent alternative manufacturing methods that are less waste-producing and set up government regulations where they need to be enforced.

Solar energy still only makes up less than 1% of the world’s total energy consumption, so it seems we are way ahead of the game to make sure it is a clean energy solution from start to finish.

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