How Does A Solar Panel Battery Charger Work?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: Solar energy is coming fast and I’d like to learn more about it. How does a solar panel battery charger work?

A solar panel battery charger works the same way a conventional battery charger works. It reverses the flow of electrons that normally ensues when the battery is giving off energy.

When a battery is in use a chemical reaction takes place that gives off electrons which flow out of the battery’s negative terminal and back in through its positive terminal. Even when a battery is not in use this chemical reaction takes place, just at a much slower pace.

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But when a current flows into a battery, the reverse process happens and this removes residual corrosion that can block the normal flow of electrons. Of course, rechargeable batteries do not last forever, and eventually they chemical reaction that emits electrons does corrode the internal system of the battery beyond repair. But rechargeable batteries can greatly increase the lifespan of a battery before it is too corroded to use.

Good news about rechargeable batteries like those used in solar energy systems are that they are recyclable, making a conversion to solar energy even better for the environment.

Battery arrays in solar systems are quite convenient, as when the sun is down its energy is no longer available to the system’s solar panels. So storing this excess energy in rechargeable batteries makes is possible to power a household around the clock exclusively from a solar system.

Household solar energy kits are available as DIY projects as well, which can save on the initial cost and help recoup your investment quicker.

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