Is It Worthwhile Refurbishing My Solar Panels?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: I’m unsure if I should buy new solar panels, or try and repair old ones and bring them up to speed. Is it worthwhile refurbishing my solar panels?

If the old solar panels meet the size and voltage requirements of your desired solar energy system, then yes it is worthwhile to refurbish old ones rather than buy new ones.

Photovoltaic technology has not changed much since solar cells were first used to generate electricity for households, so your old solar panels are likely to be up to par in terms of the technology they use. What might need to be refurbished is the casing, anti-reflective coating and possibly some individual solar cells.

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Casings today are made of non-destructible synthetic materials. Anti-reflective coatings can either be glass or a poly-carbonate. New casings, anti-reflective coatings and even mounting equipment should be available at a home improvement store in your area.

You may want to spray insulation into the back and bottom of the casing, and be sure and use contractor-grade silicone to keep moisture out of the sealed panel. Also check for any loose or corroded wiring, and replace it as necessary.

If the size or voltage output of your old solar panel does not meet your current needs, then purchasing a new solar panel would be a better choice. In today’s market, solar energy systems are available as DIY kits for those who are comfortable with a tool or two in their hands, so whether it’s refurbishing or buying new you can save money by doing it yourself.

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