What Are Portable Solar Chargers?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: I have heard a lot about solar energy and its various applications but I am not familiar with all of its uses yet. What are portable solar chargers?

A portable solar charger is essentially a hand-held solar panel consisting of a small number of solar cells, which is converted to allow batteries or other electronic devices to plug into it to be charged.

The portable solar charger can sit anywhere in your home or yard (or your hand) where it is within the reach of sunlight and your small electronic devices can easily be connected to it and charged, which takes a little pressure off of your community’s power grid, and immediately saves you money each month.

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Portable solar chargers do not come with a high voltage or current rating, and cannot not be used to run major appliances or complicated audio/video equipment. Instead, they are designed to charge your portable, hand-held devices like cell phones, mp3 players, PDAs and the like.

Portable solar charges are affordable, have a long life span (ideally could last for decades) and are easy to carry and use anywhere there is sunlight.

With fossil fuels being expensive, diminishing and dangerous to the environment why not take any step you can to help make a difference?
If you’re really motivated by solar energy, a portable solar charger could be a stepping stone to converting your entire household to use solar energy with the help of an entire solar energy system. These household systems are simple to configure and are available as DIY projects for the handy consumer who also wants to cut back on costs, as well as help the environment.

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