What Are Some Popular Places To Use Solar Power?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: I’ve been hearing a lot about solar power as the next big wave as a renewable energy source, but I’m not sure what its applications are. What are some popular places to use solar power?

Answer: Solar power can technically be used anywhere that conventional electricity can be used. This includes powering your home, powering an office building, even powering vehicles like cars and boats.

But solar power takes it a step farther. Rather than having to run complicated and potentially dangerous power lines that ultimately tie back to a main power grid, solar power is portable.

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An individual home, boat, RV or swimming pool can rely on its own solar power system, completely independent of the utility company. This will save you money each month by tapping into the free energy sunlight provides, as well as put less of a demand on our quickly disappearing fossil fuels.

To make a household solar power conversion even more tempting, many kits are available as DIY projects that any mechanically-inclined person can complete themselves.

Not only can solar power eliminate the need for an individual household to tie into a utility company’s grid, solar power plants can also replace the grids themselves. In many developed nations around the world, large-scale solar power plants are used to provide power to entire communities.
These power plants use the same technology in household-sized solar power systems, just on a much larger scale.

Another useful application of solar power that conventional electricity generation couldn’t provide are space stations, which have been orbiting the earth for years running off of electricity generated by sunlight.

So as you can see, anywhere that sunlight can be found, solar power can be generated.

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