Where Is The Best Place To Install My Solar Panels?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: I’m interested in solar energy, but I’m unsure about the installation process. Where is the best place to install my solar panels?

Answer: When it comes to converting a household to use solar energy, the most popular place to install solar panels is by far on the roof of your home, but they can actually be installed anywhere where they will receive direct sunlight. As an alternative to roof-installation, some solar panels can be placed on adjustable stands that sit on the ground.

There are two things to consider when deciding where to install your solar panels: obstructions and angle towards the sun. The first is easy; don’t install your panels anywhere that sunlight is blocked by trees, poles or other physical obstructions. There’s nothing you can do about clouds!

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As for angle towards the sun, if you live in the northern hemisphere you would want your panels to be tilted to face south. The opposite applies if you live in the southern hemisphere.

How much of a tilt should you have? Typically, the farther away from the equator you live, the more of a tilt you will need. The idea is to make sure your panels face the direct line of the sun at noon. One simple guideline is to tilt your panels according to your home’s latitude line. So if you live at the 25 degree latitude, then your tilt angle should be 25 degrees.

This angle should be increased during winter by as much as 55 degrees, since the sun is shining in the opposite hemisphere (due to the tilt in the earth’s axis) and it takes more of an angle to catch its rays optimally.

All solar panels are easily adjustable so you can change your tilt seasonally without hassle. Some solar kits come with an automatic solar tracking mechanism which does the work for you. Fortunately all solar panel kits are available as DIY projects, which can lead to savings on installation costs.

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