Will Solar Panels Heat A Swimming Pool?

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideQuestion: We’ve got an outdoor pool and the cost to heat it is more than we anticipated. Will solar panels heat a swimming pool?

Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact there are solar heating systems designed especially to heat swimming pools. Solar swimming pool heaters can be used in any climate and help cut down the costs of keeping your pool at an ambient temperature year-round, day or night.

Solar swimming pool heaters consist of a water collector, which is used to temporarily store and heat water. The collector is connected to solar panels that convert the sun’s natural energy into energy used to heat the water. The collected, heated water is then circulated to the rest of the pool using circulation equipment. A filter is also part of the system to help keep your pool clean.

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Solar swimming pool heaters are more cost-effective than traditional electric heaters since they use the free, renewable energy provided by the sun. Traditional electric pool heaters are depended on your utility company, and ultimately help increase the burning of our precious and diminishing fossil fuels.

If you live in a climate where residential swimming pools are popular, odds are there is enough sunlight generated in your region to easily heat your swimming pool. When you know how much sunlight is produced in your area, a quick estimate of you pool size and desired temperature should tell you what size solar swimming pool heating system you need.

Fortunately solar swimming pool heaters are available for purchase as DIY kits for the savvy consumer, and this can help reduce installation as well as maintenance costs.

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