Hi everyone,
Being fascinated by building solar panels and using renewable energy for years, I have naturally come to the desire to share my knowledge and passion with other people. This website will introduce you to building and installing your own solar panels. My goal is to show that installing a solar-powered system is much easier than it may seem.

The sun makes our planet as beautiful and alive, and it is fair to say, humanity does harness the power of the sun. However, I believe that the sun has much more to give than what we are currently taking. One of the underused avenues is the clean renewable energy, which can be easily harnessed with simple solar panels and used to power anything that runs on electric.

The good point is that an increasing number of people are learning about solar energy and its tremendous potential. Various countries are already providing financial incentives to those who go solar, and more countries are soon to follow. The production of solar units has been doubling for the last several years, and it is likely to keep doubling in the future.

Nevertheless, many people are still in oblivion about the practical implementation of solar panels. Furthermore, there are people who believe that using solar energy is impractical due to the high initial cost of the investment.

If you’re ready to build and install your own solar system I strongly recommend that you check out the guide from Earth4Energy. In my opinion it’s the best guide on the topic.

As a person who has built and has seen numerous solar-powered systems, I can assure you that your initial investment will be worth it.

Let’s look at some basic numbers. The average cost of solar electric is currently as little as 10 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour), while the average cost of grid-based electric is around 20 cents per kWh. That’s twice less. Furthermore, the cost of regular electricity is steadily rising, which means even more savings in the future.

Provided that you live in a sunny area (even if it is sunny only in the summer), your initial investment will pay off in the future (within merely several years for many homeowners). Furthermore, I personally know people who have managed to produce more electric than they needed, and sell it to their local utility company (I am proud to say that I am one of these lucky people).

On my website, I aim to educate people about the power of sunlight, and the long-term benefits that you can reap by investing into a renewable energy source.

It is obvious that financial incentive is the main reason why so many people switch to solar electricity, but let’s also not forget about the environmental benefits of solar power. The minuscule emissions that solar panels produce are nothing compared to the tremendous amounts of harmful pollutant emissions from the gas and coal fired power plants. There is a lot of harm done to our planet, but we can do our share to stop and reverse this harm.

Solar energy is my long-term passion and hobby. I hope that my knowledge will be helpful to any DIY-inclined homeowner who wants to go solar.

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